Dr. Mahdi Ebnali Presents at Academic Surgical Congress and NASA Workshop

Dr. Mahdi Ebnali, STRATUS Research Scientist, had a busy week with six presentations at two conferences! At the Academic Surgical Congress in Houston, Dr. Ebnali gave five presentations on his research on clinical performance during surgery and methods to improve outcomes using simulation. These projects included:

  • Computer Vision for Automated Assessment of Non-Technical Skills During Cardiac Surgery – (funded by NIH) – Mahdi Ebnali, Marco Zenati, Lauren Kennedy-Metz, Maria Arshanskiy, Sandra Park, Chris Rioux, Annette Phillips, Steven Yule, and Roger Dias
  • Motion Capture System for Objective Assessment of Technical Skills During Uroendoscopy – Mahdi Ebnali, Daniel Wollin, and Roger Dias
  • Team cognitive load and clinical performance during medical events in a spaceflight simulator (funded by NASA) – Sandra Park, Mahdi Ebnali, Steven Yule, Roger Dias
  • Complete surgical revascularization in coronary artery bypass surgery: insight in REGROUP trial (funded by Department of Veteran Affairs) – Mahdi Ebnali, Marco Zenati, et al.
  • Chronic total occlusions and outcomes in coronary artery bypass grafting in the REGROUP trial (funded by Department of Veteran Affairs) – Mahdi Ebnali, Marco Zenati, et al.

Then, at the NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop in Galveston, Texas, Dr. Ebnali presented on using extended reality for managing medical events during deep space exploration:

  • Effectiveness of Different Extended Reality (XR) Modalities for Emergency Medicine Training During Deep Space Missions (funded by NASA TRISH) – Mahdi Ebnali, Steven Yule, Jamie Robertson, Charles Pozner, Thomas Doyle, David Musson, and Roger Dias

The STRATUS Research Lab continues to make incredible strides in the study of human factors and innovative training possibilities to improve clinical performance using simulation. Thank you to Dr. Ebnali for sharing this research with the medical and scientific community!