STRATUS rents its rooms, facilities, and equipment to outside organizations for courses, filming, research, educational programs, and other purposes. Our staff will help you determine your specific needs, provide the necessary equipment, assist with curriculum development, perform setup and cleanup, and help deliver a high-quality program. 


The Operating Room, Human Patient Simulation Rooms, Skills Rooms, and other areas of our facility are frequently rented for educational programs, filming, and other activities requiring a clinical setting.

Operating Room (OR)

Our team can recreate an actual OR environment where an interprofessional team can work through various technical scenarios and also focus on the non-technical skills development. The OR features an Anesthesia Machine (GE Datex Ohmeda Aisys CS2) with a cardiac bypass mode. In the adjacent control room, you can provide real-time feedback through live streaming and recording for educational development.

AV Capabilities: Video and sound recording, PowerPoint, observation windows, vitals monitor, telephone, and one flat screen TV

Human Patient Simulation Rooms

Our facility has two Human Patient Simulation (HPS) rooms, which can be set up as standard medical inpatient rooms, emergency rooms, procedural rooms, outpatient rooms, delivery rooms, post-anesthetic care units (PACU), a waiting room space, or various intensive care unit (ICU) rooms. These spaces are transformative to conduct complex patient scenarios using manikins or even Standardized Patients where learners can receive patient-oriented feedback.

This space is very flexible and can also be converted into a disaster scene or into a skills station space when required. The movable wall between these can be opened to create one large multi-bed unit. The space also includes a control room.

AV Capabilities: Video and sound recording, PowerPoint, telephone, observation windows, one patient monitor, and one large flat screen TV in each room

Skills Rooms

Our three Skills Rooms serve as a multi-function learning environment that allows our learners to practice various procedural skills. They can accommodate three separate Skills-based courses simultaneously, or the movable walls can be opened to create one large room, or one medium and one small room. Each small room can accommodate up to eight simple skills stations (such as basic suturing) or one complex procedure station (such as central venous catheter placement).

The combined larger room can accommodate more learners at once, can be adapted into a larger procedural room (such as interventional radiology), or can be converted into a larger mass casualty incident (MCI) scene with multiple injured patients.

AV Capabilities: PowerPoint and 3 flat screen TVs


STRATUS has an extensive array of medical equipment, simulators, and trainers that can be rented for conferences, courses, or training at your own facility or institution. With our rental equipment you can avoid the cost of purchasing expensive simulators, dealing with replacing parts, and the hassle of repairs. For a full list of our equipment, please contact us.

Additional Equipment

  • Transvenous Pacemaker Simulator
  • Paracentesis Trainers
  • IV/Phlebotomy Trainers
  • Lumbar Puncture Trainers
  • Epidural Trainers
  • Chest Tube Trainers
  • Ultrasoundable Nerve Block Trainers
  • Arterial Line Trainers
  • Suture Trainers
  • Laparoscopic Surgery Trainers
  • Obstetric Delivery Trainers
  • Defibrillation Trainers
  • ACLS Simulators
  • IO Trainers
  • Hemorrhage Control/Tourniquet Trainers
  • Physical Examination Trainers

For a complete list, please contact us.

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