Working with Industry

STRATUS provides realistic simulated environments for bringing new technologies from the bench to the bedside and for filming and photography in a medical setting. Our space is the perfect setting for prototype testing and feasibility studies, training sales staff, filming, photo-shoots, interviews, and many other purposes.

What Can You Do at STRATUS?

Prototype Testing

Observe your device in action and query clinicians in real time.

Simulation offers an opportunity to observe product prototypes being used by clinicians in simulated clinical situations prior to use on actual patients. The information gathered and lessons learned from these tests provide valuable insight on product performance and the user interface. STRATUS can develop simulations that mimic the typical environment for your product’s use and have the appropriate clinicians engage in the simulation.

Preliminary Study

Assess how your product works before investing in clinical trials.

It is often beneficial to conduct a preliminary study on a prototype prior to conducting formal clinical trials. STRATUS partners with product engineers to design appropriate research using simulation to assess the product’s performance.

Orientation of Sales Staff

Enhance your staff’s knowledge of your product to better represent it to potential customers.

An important step in the product development process is training your sales and marketing staff on the proper use of the product, as well as your competitors’ products. The more knowledgeable your representatives are with your product, the more comfortable they will be discussing its strengths and weaknesses with potential customers. STRATUS offers this training in simulated clinical settings, where your representatives can have in-depth exposure and hands-on experiences with your device.

Clinician Training

Ensure clinicians are comfortable with your product before endorsing its use.

When your product is ready for launch, an important final step is training practicing clinicians on its proper use. To ensure clinicians are comfortable with the product and endorsing its use in actual clinical settings, STRATUS offers the opportunity to instruct and provide deliberate practice for clinicians in the pressure-reduced simulated environment.

Marketing Materials, Filming, and Photography

Create marketing, instructional, and promotional materials with a controlled medical backdrop.

STRATUS serves as an ideal setting for realistic photo-shoots, interviews, movies and television scenes, and other productions requiring a medical backdrop. STRATUS offers easy access to operating rooms, clinical spaces, inpatient rooms, and other areas that replicate real clinical settings and equipment. Our Center allows for full control of lighting, sound, and props that cannot be achieved in working clinical sites.

Why Use Simulation at STRATUS?

Gaining access to actual clinical settings can be extremely challenging. Simulation at STRATUS provides an easy, efficient alternative.

Realistic Clinical Environment

Our facilities and equipment look and feel like real clinical settings.

Easily Accessed

Unlike real clinical environments, STRATUS is readily available.

Controlled Setting

Adjust lighting, sound, and props to fit your requirements.

Excellent Service

Our team will help you achieve exactly what you aim for.

Who We Serve

STRATUS is open to anyone requiring a simulated clinical environment. Companies and personnel, including product developers, sales staff, and media producers, come to STRATUS from a variety of industries.

  • Medical device companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Media companies
  • News outlets
Crew filming an educational video in the STRATUS Operating Room
A crew films an educational video in the STRATUS Operating Room.

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