Moodle: Our Learning Management System

Moodle is a learning management system that STRATUS uses to support and track all that we do. Moodle will help in both course management and assist learners by providing:

  • A central location for each course to post resources and additional materials, as well as to confirm dates and times of activities
  • A class attendance list for course instructors
  • A learner’s list of courses attended
  • Course directors and instructors’ access to a list of the courses they’ve taught at the STRATUS Center, contributing to reports of simulation-based training for you and your department
  • A system for supporting quality assurance through Moodle’s anonymous feedback survey

How to Create a Moodle Profile

Learners and instructors alike will need to create a Moodle user profile (which takes about a minute!) before teaching or attending an activity to tell us about yourself. We encourage all instructors and learners to do so ahead of their arrival at STRATUS to expedite the check in process. Learners will be asked to sign into their course on Moodle upon arrival.

To create a Moodle profile, follow the instructions below.

Create your profile in just one minute!

If you are an MGB user, securely create your profile using your MGB username and password.

If you are not an MGB user, you may request a Moodle profile using your institutional email account.

Non-MBG accounts are vetted and approved, when appropriate, by the administrative staff on Fridays at noon. Please submit your request with enough advance notice to ensure your access to your STRATUS Center activity is not delayed.

Please use your institutional email account (e.g.,, etc.) to request an account. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and similar generic email service providers will be declined to reduce spamming and unauthorized access.

Account access will be approved only for those who are participating in STRATUS activities and events.

You will receive an email once your account has been confirmed. At that time, please log in to complete the required profile fields.

Once you’ve logged in for the first time, if not prompted immediately, please:

  1. Click on the User Profile icon near the top right of the page.
  2. Next to your name, select the Profile icon and select Edit Profile under the User Details section.
  3. Complete the required drop-down fields and click the Update Profile button.

Questions? Contact us for assistance.